Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Mapping it out

We believe fundamentally that everybody can improve and reach their potential. We further believe that this is done by commitment from the individual and coaching from the manager. This is underpinned by measurement and regular feedback.

If we fail to measure progress, the individual loses sight of the goal because route becomes blurred and the distance to travel is uncertain.

It is all about a series of ongoing focused conversations that measure progress against an overall performance and provides interventions to keep the development going in the right direction at the right pace.

We further believe that the measurement process should be simple, fast and effective. That is why we have developed a numbers based performance management system that is easy to understand – after all a 4 is a 4 while there is room for misunderstanding as to whether ‘fine’ is the same as ‘grand’.

Any performance management system worth its salt must measure inputs as well as outputs. We measure 18 competences split into 3 sets of 6 representing values, housekeeping and KPIs. The first two are inputs while the KPIs are outputs. If we get the inputs right we will get the outputs right.

The rating is simply a method of tracking progress on an ongoing journey. It’s the coaching that counts. Our mantra is:

Measure – Coach – Measure

And remember – what gets measured, gets done.

Map it out with them, show them the way and tell them how they are doing.