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1872 Engage

Temperature check

The purpose of this temperature check is to gauge how everyone feels about the organisation and identify things that need to be addressed. The best people to gauge the temperature are the staff members. If you would like a free trial of our service please fill in your details on the contact form and we will get in touch to discuss your needs.

The survey focuses on the three areas that reflect the level of engagement of an employee with their company – Management, Culture and Reward. We use six questions for each area to get a balanced view. These questions are internationally acknowledged for the ability to elicit accurate data.

The survey takes a week to set up, carry out and provide a report. It takes an employee approx 2 minutes to complete. It is all completely anonymous. Everything that you need will be provided.
We provide a link to your survey which you mail to your staff explaining the value of the temperature check and the process to be followed.

Here’s how it works



Room temperature

A bit uncomfortable


Supercool: Your company is a truly great place to work and meets all possible requirements. Click on the 2 button.

Chilled: Your company more than meets your expectations. It is a cool place to work and you really feel appreciated and included. Click on the 3 button.

Room temperature: Your company is a nice place to work where targets and opportunities are equal and people are treated with respect. Click on the 4 button.

A bit uncomfortable: There are issues at work that you feel stop you making a full contribution. Click on the 5 button.

Sweltering: Your company is seriously uncomfortable and requires significant work to move the gauge back to room temperature. Click on the 6 button.

Remember: The lower the score the better

Request a Temperature Check

Please fill the form below, we will soon get in touch and arrange your company to have its temperature checked.