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I have had my face to face meetings with my staff…
it’s a great process, a great structure and I love it already. – Sales Director | Software, West of Ireland –

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1872 Perform+™ is a performance review solution which measures 18 core competencies, behaviors and targets per employee.
The goal is to achieve a score of 72 points or less.
The better the performance – the lower the score.

Employee scores their own performance against the 18 core competencies.

Manager scores the employee’s performance against the 18 core competencies.

The employee and manager
sit down, discuss the scores and decide on an Agreed score.

That’s it!

After the Agreed score is completed, the 1872 Perform+™ platform does its magic.
Management gets the data to grow a high performance organisation.
Employees get the feedback to grow as high performance individuals.

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